[Loch-ruadh] Is your name here?

Connie Nurmi cnurmi at email.msn.com
Fri Feb 15 16:12:15 PST 2002

I noticesed mine and Vigolf's is missing.
Are we on it now ?
If not please advise, Constance Louise Culvern
Thank you .
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Subject: [Loch-ruadh] Is your name here?

If your SCA name does NOT appear below you are not listed in the new and
improved Loch Ruadh Directory.  Time is running out to place your
information in this most sought after FREE publication!

Send your information to: mama_mac at airmail.net with "your name" as the

SCA Name:
Mundane Name:
Address....street, city and zip code:
Phone numbers: (home, cell, work, pager) If sending more than one #
please specify which it is. It also helps to let people know if you have
a metro #.
Email addresses:

If you would like the Seneschal and the keeper of the directory to have
information that you "Do Not Want Published"  just put "DNP" next to
that item and it will not be published.

Replying to this request is a consent to publish your information in the
Loch Ruadh Directory.

Keeper of the directory,

Alaric Morgenseg
Alasdair Alaric MacIain
Amber Katte of Oxonford
Amicia De LaLaviendre
Arodonn of FalconRose Keep
Asa Hrafnasdottir
Bicé di Pietro
Big Guy
Brenna MacAllister
Caerell Mac Domnaill
Connall Mac an Ghabhann
Conor na Mara
Cuan Ruadh
Daire de Haya
Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Daniel of Axemoor
Debbie Macfergus
Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc
Dunstan æt Sancte Petroces Stow
Elayne of Elfsea
Elizabeth Hawkwood
Fiona Morgenseg
Franchesca d'Ebone
Gwenllian Brighid Hertewelle
Innes Dee
Ivor Macfergus
Kaylan Ulfgierrson
Madelina de Lyndesaye
Magdalea Mac an Ghabhann
Medb Liath
Padráig Ruad Ó Maolagáin
Polydore Pike
Robartach O'Sluaghain
Seamus Donnacadh Loganaich an gabhain (aka Logan the smith)
Sean of Argyll
Sean Cannan
Tangwystl verch Maredudd
Terric Broken Axe
Thorgierr Valbjarnarson
Weylyn MacAllister
Wiley "T" of Azure Hill

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