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Sonja Crocker sonja_crocker at usa.com
Tue Feb 19 09:43:06 PST 2002

February 19, 2002

A piece of oat-cake or bread upon which butter has been spread upon which butter has been spread with the thumb-nail.

Pancake Day
On Pancake Day, pancakes are an article of universal consumption.  They are generally eaten hot with treacle, being served as they are taken out of the pan.  The tossing of a pancake is a favorite feat with the good housewife, and her maidens are proud to become adepts in the art.  An hour before noon on this day, it is the practice of  juveniles to assemble in numbers, bringing with them old tin cans and each a cudgel, and to go round to all the dame and public schools, and beat them before the school-house door, repeating a short nomony….The rest of the day is a holiday, and the game of shuttlecock forms the amusement.
--C. Clough Robinson’s Dialect of Leeds, 1862


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