[Loch-Ruadh] GulfWar XI Camp Plan

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I think Daniel meant musical INSTRUMENTS.  I'll bet he had a headache when
he wrote this one!

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>Greetings to all,
>As we all know Gulf War XI will be here very soon. There is much to do
>and final plans to prepare. Will the gentles whom  donated Turkeys  for
>the Wednesday night dinner email me your name and phone number, and
>those with the  turkey cookers please email me the same info. I will
>need to arrange the delivery/pick up of these items very soon. The plan
>is we pack these items (turkeys and oil, turkey cookers, and propane
>tanks) in the trailer.
>Also, do not forget your Fian Ruadh Tabards as we will wear them
>Wednesday Night. This will be impressive to the Barony of Axemoor (House
>of the Crimson Chimera). The Bardic will start after dinner. Tiggy  will
>be our Chief Bard. So please every one bring you musical installments,
>song books, tales/stores and jokes so that we may share our wares with
>Gwenllian, Elayne and I will leave Saturday morning March 9th driving to
>Gulf War as  we were approved to enter Gulf War XI Sunday morning.
>In service to Loch Ruadh and
>House Mc an Ghabhan
>Lord Daniel O'Ce'ileachair
>(aka Daniel of Axemoor)
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