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Greetings unto the populace of Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor, and

My Lady and I would like to address these very thought provoking

1.) What do you, as an applicant for Baron/Baroness, hope to look back
in X years when you are stepping down, and say "This is what I got out
of being Baron/Baroness"?

The main thing that we would hope to get out of the experience is a
sense of accomplishment.  When we would be stepping down we would want
to look back and say, "I am leaving this Barony and these people in a
better order than when we stepped up.  This Barony has built a
reputation around the Kingdom as a group that is cohesive, strong and
united of purpose.  This has not always been so. Thanks to the people
that have worn the cornets of Elfsea in the recent past, this has come
about.  We want to continue this tradition of service and leadership
that has become our trademark.  That is not to say that improvement
could not be made.  No one is perfect, and there is always room for
change and enhancement.  We must never let this Barony grow stagnant.
So we would want to look back with the idea that we kept things moving
and dynamic with new growth and ideas added to the traditions, which is
our foundation.

2.) What are your priorities within the barony for short term?  (Say the
first six months, or the first year?)

The first few months of sitting the thrones of Elfsea must be a time of
learning and gaining insight into where the Barony is and where we want
it to go.  We would get a clear understanding of the problems that the
Barony faces and the resources and strengths in the Barony to overcome
these problems.  We would endeavor to make ourselves available to the
people of our fair Barony.  To reinforce the ideal that everyone
deserves the right to be heard and everyone's opinion is valued.
Another priority that has to be addressed is population growth and

3.) What is the greatest strength that you/both of you would bring to
the barony as baron/baroness?

Our greatest strength lies in our diversity.  While our interests lie in
sundry areas, that makes our differing interests a strength because we
compliment each other.  While our personalities are at opposite ends of
the spectrum, this enables us to look at things in varied ways and keeps
us open to new possibilities.  We have been together as a couple for
over 11 years, and while we don't always see eye to eye, we have
generally came to solutions to problems that we both can accept.  My
lady would bring a sense of order, and I would bring a sense of
patience.  Together we would bring a sense of resolve and fair dealings.

Many people jokingly say being Baron and Baroness is much like being a
father and mother figure.  We have experience in this arena.  Our oldest
daughter is 23, married and has her own child.  The others are ranging
from 17 to 7 years of age.  We are very family oriented, and have
acquired a sense of tolerance, patience and endurance needed for this

What about our greatest weakness?

Our greatest weakness is overcoming perceptions, such as the perception
that we are not physically able to perform this job.  But this can also
be a strength, in that it gives us a unique perspective on how to deal
with problems and prejudices.

Another perception might be a negative image of our relationship with
each other.  In the past we have treated each other incorrectly.  All
marriages take time and effort and they do change.  We have been working
very hard over the past several years to correct our treatment of each
other and are very aware what needs to be changed.  To say this last
year for us was mundanely incredibly stressful is an extreme
understatement. (Ie. several hospitalizations, medical issues, and a
house that turned into a scientific horror)  We became stronger in our
relationship and will be celebrating our 11th anniversary this July.

4.) The populace within sees themselves differently as the populace
outside the barony.  As our Baron/Baroness, you can be our inspiration
(leader perhaps?) for how the outside 'world' sees us-in other baronies,
in the kingdom, in the mundane world.  The Baron and Baroness have to be
the leaders of their group.  They must project the ideals and
characteristics that will overcome problems and address them in a
positive manner. What would you change?

We would have to think long hard before we changed anything.  And be
very sure that any changes we make are for the good of the group as a
whole.  One issue would be more comprehensive training for our officers,
and attracting new members.

What wouldn't you change? Or more correctly, focus on?

We would not change the tradition that Elfsea has become famous for,
that of being hard workers and hard and noble fighters.  We would focus
on growth and development of new ideas and helping the Barony.

5.) If you were not an applicant, what qualities and qualifications
would YOU be looking at?

a. The ability to lead on battlefield and off.
b. A long-standing and stable relationship.
c. Past experience outside the Barony in the Kingdom at large in the
social and service arena.
d. The ability to be objective and honorable in all the dealings with
the populace, and project themselves as the representatives of the
e. Financial ability to sustain themselves as Baron and Baroness for an
extended period of time.
f. The ability to listen carefully to issues and see all angles in order
to come to a positive resolution.

5. How do we enrich our Barony?

We do so by encouraging growth, strength and harmony within the barony.
When we look and work to change our own shortcomings to make them
positive, everyone around us benefits.

6. How do we plan on improving upon our predecessors?

By building on the foundation that was laid before us and using it to
attract and keep new
members. And make them feel like they belong.

Taking a more active role in paying attention to details and prior
planning makes a barony and events run smoothly.

Better utilization of resourses in the barony to accomplish goals.

Create a more structured and ceremonial use of the Elfsea Baronial Guard
not just as workers.

If you feel you have questions please contact us.  We are available for
all of you.

Please go to Moot on Monday.  Select the candidates you would support.
Send information to the Crown and or the Seneschal, let them know your
opinion if you can not attend.  Our King can make an educated decision
if he knows your opinions.

In Faithful Service to Barony and Kingdom,
HL Fearghus MacKenna and HL Arabella de Montacute

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