[Loch-Ruadh] email grovel and apology

housedragonstar housedragonstar at prodigy.net
Wed Feb 20 18:14:58 PST 2002

Hey, don't feel bad...my husband made that post and that is most likely the
first time he ever actually spelled it right.  Besides, you were just being
"in period."

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> > That's Medb
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> I apologize sincerely.  I have a last name I have a hard time spelling!
> Soooooo
> "To All within earshot:  I send great and grievious apologies to a fine
> a stalwart member of the canton, a leader of her household, a Norsewoman
> fine caliber, the Lady Medb!"  (insert electronic grovel here)
> (also note I did not try to mangle your last name :O)  Padraig has given
> on me ever spelling his last name right, I have to cut and paste from the
> directory. And last year I spelled Lughnasad(?) way too many different
> Thank god for spell check!)
> Asa
> the bad speller
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