[Loch-Ruadh] To all those attending Gulf War (and any one else)

HRAFNASDOT@aol.com HRAFNASDOT at aol.com
Thu Feb 21 11:08:56 PST 2002

It has long been a tradition that Loch Ruadh produce a Gulf War edition

Take your cameras to War!  Bards, take your notebooks!  Artists, take a
sketch pad.

In order to make this a possibility, Loch Ruadh, Fian Ruadh, Thunder, House
Mac, the Fray, Axemore and all those households and people that make up Loch
Raudh, to you I make a request - bring back a bit of the War!  In true
medieval fashion, tell the tales, sing the songs, write about the glory!

The Chronicler of Loch Raudh

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