[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History Feb. 22

Thu Feb 21 20:58:36 PST 2002

This one has a bit of crossover between the death and other events category,
but this time I felt it was appropriate to leave it in.

1403 Charles VII king of France (1422-61), drove out English
1440 Ladislaus V Posthumus King of Hungary/Bohemia
1514 Tahmasp I shah of Persia (1524-76)/author (Tazkire-i Shah)
1533 Péter Bornemisza Hungarian vicar/author/publisher (Tragoedia)
1542 Santino Garsi composer
1573 Gemignano Capilupi composer
1599 Anthony Van Dyck Antwerp Belgium, painter

0606 Sabinian Italian Pope (604-06), dies
1071 Arnulf III earl of Flanders/Hainault (Arnulf I), dies in battle
1076 Godfried III with the Hump, duke of Lower Lorraine, murdered
1078 Johannes van Fécamp Italian mystic writer, dies
1078 John of Fécamp Italian mystic writer, dies
1213 Wibert of Gembloers benediction/writer/abbot of Gembloers, dies
1371 David II Bruce king of Scotland (1331-71), dies at 46
1478 Hendrik Herp (Herpius/Harphius) writer (Spieghel volcomenheit), dies
1512 Amerigo Vespucci Italian explorer (America), dies at 61

Other events
0057 -BC- Origin of Vikrama Samvat Era (India)
0896 Pope Formosa crowned king Arnulf of Karinthie/French emperor
1071 Battle of Cassel-Robert I the Frisian defeats Arnulf III/I
1281 Simon de Brion elected Pope Martinus IV
1288 Girolamo Masci elected Pope Nicolas IV
1300 Pope Boniface VIII delegates degree
1349 Jews are expelled from Zurich Switzerland
1495 French King Charles VIII enters Naples to claim the crown
1561 William of Orange appointed viceroy of Burgundy/Charolais

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