[Loch-Ruadh] Heraldic Displays

Dohmnall O'Ruairc MoASLochRuadh at prodigy.net
Fri Feb 22 17:56:34 PST 2002

In our neverending effort to win Lord Timothy's Heraldic Competiton, I would
like to urge those who are not going to Gulf Wars to attend the next Loch
Ruadh Scribes and Illuminators meeting on yhe 11th of March to work on at
least start on making your own personal banners. Lady Asa has a small
projector that she has used to make her own banner. Those who have seen her
raven banner know what I mean. All you will need is a piece of fabric to
project on, some sharpie markers, and of course paints and brushes.
Hopefully after seeing this Lady Asa will make some suggestions towards what
types of fabric would work best.

Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc

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