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> . Lady Asa has a small
> projector that she has used to make her own banner. Those who have seen her
> raven banner know what I mean. All you will need is a piece of fabric to
> project on, some sharpie markers, and of course paints and brushes.
> Hopefully after seeing this Lady Asa will make some suggestions towards
> what
> types of fabric would work best.
> Dohmnall Dubh O'Ruairc

Check out the scrap bins at WalMart and Hancocks for canvas, trigger, or
cottons of that weight, even denim.  If you use something like broadcloth or
muslin, be prepared to back it.   Mine is canvas with a muslin background.
It is also not very big, about 12" wide and 18" long.  Padraig has said that
animals and symbols count and for my earlier personna was more appropriate.
My projector is a cheapie, but will take a half dollar size to coffee cup
size item and blow it up to about 1 sq. foot - the projector mirror is only
about 4" sq..

Come to the garb meeting and we can make banner blanks!  Decide the shape you
want and bring an example of the picture and we can talk.  That way you will
be prepared for the 3/11 meeting or can start on your own.  I'll bring the
projector tomorrow if anyone wants to try.  Sharpies are permanent marker and
will bleed through, so be aware of this when transfering your pattern!
Acrylic 3/for a $1 at MJ's, Michaels and Walmart work just fine to start
with, if you are budget minded.

I've also checked into a couple of ways for displaying these.  Which we can
If there is interest, I can cobble together a handout to take home.  Let me


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