[Loch-Ruadh] Going, going........

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Fri Feb 22 22:25:49 PST 2002

Greetings Asa!
I don't need an article printed, but could you include a blurb about how
neat the Hawkwood site is?  I believe I will hazard the raceway noise and
traffic to go.  Ly. Innes, the merchant-o-crat, has made a special offer to
any merchants:  The merchant and 1 (one) helper will be allowed on site
free, except that they will be asked to donate an item, valued at $10.00 or
more, for the chest.  I think that is an excellent incentive for me to be
there.  As you know, I went to Border Wars II at that site and we all had a
fantastic time!
Thanks for the space.  If this is too late, I understand.  My computer has
been having a fit this week and I am way behind answering my mail.

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>Only three and one half pages left.  Get your article in now!  Don't wait!
>Don't delay and find that your space has been filled!  Rush to your
>and send today!
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