[Loch-Ruadh] Fw: [Lindenwood] Online Classes

Mon Feb 25 07:58:33 PST 2002

This is cross posted from the Lindenwood list. I thought there may be some
of you who would be interested. I looked over some of the classes upcoming,
and there a few that even interest me.


> Here is a site that has online classes. I am signed up for 16th Century
> Woman's Dress ($65). It is a great resource for many types of costuming
> for all periods. There is even one for undergarments and two for men's
> costumes. I highly recommend it.
> http://www.costumeclassroom.com
> Considering that my last glove class had 16 people in it in a very small
> room (not complaining, just very surprised at the high number of students)
> for the SCA and over 30 in a
> non SCA class I am thinking of doing the same for Penny and teaching the
> class online. Let me know if there is any interest in the class. I'd like
> to know if there is enough interest to do it.
> The class price for what I am taking includes a kit. Go to the website to
> read what is in the kit, it is incredible!! :)
> --
> Sincerely,
> Chiara Francesca
> chiara at io.com

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