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> Galen here...
> His Majesty Aaron contacted me last night, and has authorized me to
> publicly the following information:
> There will be three couples, rather than four, interviewed for the
> of Baron & Baroness of Elfsea.  They are (in order of precedence, I was
> told the numbers of the polling):
> Master Darius & HL Rosalia
> HL Afan & Lord Louis
> Lord Daniel & Lady Siobhan
> The interviews will be conducted in garb, this coming Saturday, at the
> King's Round Table Event at UTA, during the afternoon classes.
> Now you know all I know on this subject.
> Could someone please post more detailed information about the event to
> list?
> Odds are, someone you had on your polling ballot has been eliminated from
> consideration.  Disappointment is natural.  But as we've said all along,
> they're all good candidates, and they can all do this job.  And as one of
> the candidates pointed out Monday, any of the candidates could be
> with the support of the barony, and none could succeed without.
> This is a time to renew our resolve to unite in support of the next baron
> and baroness, just as Allessandra and I have always had your support.
> luck to the remaining candidates.
> - Galen Elfsea
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