[Loch-Ruadh] Word of the Day, Feb. 22

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Hmmm... makes one wonder about Sean's harem of sheep.

Mayhap we ought to paint a banner of St. Margaret of Cortone!!



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A wanton wench that is ready to ride upon men's backs, or else passively to
be their rompstall.  The word mutton, when applied to a woman, whether alone
or part of a compound epithet, seems always to have been opprobrious, [as
in] Shakespeare's Tow Gentlemen of Verona:  "Ay, sir, I , a lost mutton gave
your letter to her, a laced mutton, and she, a laced mutton, gave me, a lost
mutton, nothing for my labour." [From] rig, rigging, ready to bestride any
inactive stallion, and give him a quickening spur.
--Federick Elworthy's Devonshire Glossary, 1879

Feast Day of St. Margaret of Cortone, a patroness of "fallen women."

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