[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History March 1

Thu Feb 28 23:03:14 PST 2002

0772 Po Tjiu-i Chinese poet/Governor of Hang-tsjow
1456 Wladyslaw Jagiello king of Bohemia/Hungary (1471/90-1516)
1494 Il Bacchiacca [Franceso Ubertini] Italian painter
1528 Albrecht V von Wittelsbach [the Generous], duke of Bavaria

0965 Leo VIII Italian (anti-)Pope (963-65), dies
1131 Stephen II King of Hungary (1116-31), dies
1383 Amadeus VI (Green Earl), earl of Savoy, dies at 49
1510 Francisco d'Almeida viceroy of India, dies in battle at about 59
1535 Bernardo Accolti [Unico Aretino], Italian writer (Virginia), dies
1619 Thomas Campion English physician/composer/poet (Poemata), dies at 53

Other Events:
0001 -BC- Start of revised Julian calendar in Rome
0293 Roman emperor Maximianus introduces tetrarchy
0492 St Felix III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0492 St Gelasius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0705 John VII begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0743 Slave export by Christians to heathen areas prohibited
0918 Balderik becomes bishop of Utrecht
1260 Hulagu Khan, grandson of Genghis, conquerors Damascus
1382 French Maillotin uprises against taxes
1420 Pope Martinus I calls for crusade against the hussieten
1434 Jacoba of Bavaria marries Frank van Borselen
1562 Blood bath at Vassy; General de Guise allows 1200 huguenots murder
1565 Spanish occupier Estacio de Sá founds Rio de Janeiro
1587 English parliament leader Peter Wentworth confined in London Tower
1591 Pope Gregory XIV threatens to excommunicate French king Henri IV

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