[Loch-Ruadh] Camping at Guardian of the Tor.

Baron Rozell ack3 at airmail.net
Mon Jun 3 23:48:45 PDT 2002

Actually, I think it's against the law up there to kill mosquitoes.
Since, they are the state bird up there.  Although, I'm not sure because
when the army issued me my M16 the armory sergeant said "Here's your
mosquito repellent.".  Unfortunately, the most you could fire was in 3
round bursts. So, to really kill one, instead of just making it mad, you
had to be a pretty good shot.

> Now the Pacific Northwest...say Oregon or Washington...hmmm..that's a
>novel idea .. huh Bear ;)

A novel *bad* idea... very *bad* idea...

-Conor / Bear
"Alaskan mosquitoes don't fly in swarms, they fly in flocks"

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