[Loch-Ruadh] tent space ag Guardian

Elizabeth Hawkwood Rbnew5 at netscape.net
Tue Jun 4 19:53:48 PDT 2002

Dear Lady,
Please add space for my 10x14 (or so) tent
to the growing list of Loch Ruadh campers.
Thank you ever so much!

simone at elfsea.net wrote:

>So far by following the camping at guardian thread there has been a
>concessious of Lots o trees and the following requests for tent sizes
>reserved in the Loch Ruadh encampment. any one else just post to this thread
>since the loch ruadh list is one I read regularly.
>Inez 12X14 tent
>Patrick 9X7and 17X9
>Kathy 8X10 with 4' canopy
>Lady (Simone) Maurian in Seanan ui' Dunlaingh
>simone at elfsea.net
>A&S Minister Dragonsfire Tor
>Herald Emerald Keep

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