[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History June 8

Sat Jun 8 00:03:27 PDT 2002

0570: Muhammed, Prophet of Islam

0410: Death of St. Melania the Elder
632 Mohammed prophet of Islam (Koran), dies (according to tradition)
1042: Harthacnut, King of England & Denmark, dies. He is succeeded in
England by Edward the Confessor, in Denmark by Magnus, King of Norway
1154: Death of St. William of York
1492: Death of Elizabeth, wife of King Edward IV of England

Other Events:
0065: Jewish rebels capture fortress of Antonia in Jerusalem Beginning of
the Jewish rebellion against Rome
452 Italy invaded by Attila the Hun
536 St Silverius begins his reign as Catholic Pope
570 Relgion of Islam (submission) founded in Mecca
0793: Norsemen sack Lindesfarne
1191: Richard I, King of England, lands at Acre
1287: Revolt of Rhys ap Meredudd
1333: Edward III orders seizure of the Isle of Man
1374: Chaucer given the office of Controller of Customs
1504: Michaelangelo's "David" set in place in the Palazzo of Florence, Italy
1536 Ten Articles of Religion were published by the English clergy, in
support of Henry VIII's Declaration of Supremacy. The Anglican Church had
begun defining its doctrinal distinctions, after breaking with Roman

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