[Loch-Ruadh] gigs whirling and otherwise.....; )

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Cool info, thanks.

Personally, I like frog legs.  You just have to clean them and season them
properly so that they do not taste too fishy.


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Wonder if there are any period examples of whirligigs?  Gig
is also something some do to frogs.  The animals, not the French.

<<<<<<<End Quote>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

the device used today to catch frogs was originally invented to pull an
armored knight off his horse (in a much larger version) and get him down
where the foot soldiers could deal with him summarily, it could be
thought of as a medieval version of a LAAWs rocket---------later it was
adapted to catching food

ie: from gigging FROGS to gigging frogs.................; )
altho, having tasted frogs legs, i have always wondered...... why
(other than the Moulin Rouge variety anyway).............; )


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