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As we have a bunch of Celtic kinda people, I thought this might be of
some interest...

"William C. Russell" wrote:

>  > Could you maybe share?  Either privately or on list?  I suspect
> there
> is a reasonable amount of cross-over interest...
> >
> > Slan,
> > Bebhinn
> If no one has any objections to me veering slightly & briefly Off
> Topic
> (there is a lot of Irish-Norse crossover), I would be happy to throw
> in
> my two Sigtrig-Silkbeards.
> I suggest "Old Irish and Highland Dress" by H.F. McClintock and "Dress
> in Ireland" by Mairead Dunleavy.  These are two of "the" books on the
> subject.  Regrettably, the chapters on Ireland prior to the Norman
> Invasion are relatively short.  Much of the evidence for Irish garb of
> that period comes from stone crosses and illuminated manuscripts (Book
> of Kells, etc).  Both the McClintock and Dunleavy books are available
> to order online at Poison Pen Press
> (http://www.poisonpenpress.com/costume.html).   You can also
> occasionally find them on Alibris and Amazon.
> Online there is a good "quick and dirty" guide to pre-1066 Irish garb
> that is nonetheless pretty well researched.  Gael agus Gall (Irish and
> Foreigners) is a group of re-enactors in Ireland portraying life in
> Norse-occupied Ireland, roughly 795-1014.  Their "Kit Guide" is based
> on one originally researched for "The Viking Experience" group (John
> Nicholl, 1999).  The URL for the Kit Guide and article is:
> http://homepage.eircom.net/~gael/gaelweb/kit.html
> Their page does include a bibliography.
>   I hope this is helpful to those interested.
>   Slainte',
>   Conall,
> Hanging out near Dubh Linn , er, I mean Dyflinn.  ;)
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