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I also would like to thank our instructors for teaching the classes. I have
been remiss in doing so.  Also for those who missed the "How to be a Bard"
class I did tape it, and as soon as I transfer it to VHS, it woll be
available to any who want it.
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I would like to offer my thanks to the instructors of our classes held
at fighter practice.  Padraig, for putting up with my request for the
same songs all the time.  And for allowing me to sing even tho I am
so far off key. ( I do have rhythm, at least ).  YEA for "Loch Ruadh
Rocks",  good song!!!!  And to Alaric for being so patient and figuring
out what I did wrong so many times.  And I thought I could do knots
since I do macrame !

And thanks to Baroness Dana for starting mine for me when she saw
that my arthritic thumb would not let me do it.


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