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And I am cooking a free lunch for those who attend!
If you have specific dietary restrictions, please
send them with your payment and I will attempt to
meet them.


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> This was sent to Ansteorra Announce and it just occurred to me
> that some of you might not be subscribed to that. I don't know
> why not, but it is probable. If you are interested, get me
> a check, money order, whatever made out to Paulette Bowker-Wallis
> to reserve your slot. This is really, really the cheapest you
> will see for CPR and first aid. Red Cross has raised their rates
> to $65 for the same class.
> Caelin
> ---------------------------------------
> Many people have asked for classes to get their required
> certifications in First Aid and CPR to become Chirurgeons. Since
> we really want to have more Chirurgeons, we have set up a couple
> of classes to be held in the DFW area.
> The first is on July 7th (a Sunday) from 8am to noon for CPR and
> 1PM to 5PM for first aid. The course is at my home and I will be
> serving lunch to those who come. The price for both sessions is
> $20/person. If you only need one of the sessions, please contact
> me as we have not set the prices for CPR or First Aid only. We
> have a limit of 20 people and require advance reservations with
> prepayment of class costs.
> This class is taught by MagD'Leigha MacanGhabhann (mka: Paulette
> Bowker-Wallis) a Chirurgeon of the Canton of Loch Ruadh who
> mundanely teaches First Aid and CPR. She is making a very special
> price for us. The Red Cross is now charging $65 for the same
> course. All money goes directly to MagD'Leigha to cover her
> expenses and recording fees.
> Additionally, MagD'Leigha has agreed to take a small number of
> people through a challenge test. This is useful if you really
> know First Aid and CPR pat, but need to get the certs. It takes
> about 2 hours to challenge and it will probably be done on a
> weekday night in the week before or after the course. Contact me
> by email if you wish to investigate this option
> (chirurgeon at ansteorra.org).
> Send checks for $20 made out to Paulette Bowker-Wallis to my address
> Richard Threlkeld
> 2220 Patterson Pl
> Arlington, Tx  76012
> Refunds will only be made if we can fill your place with another student.
> The second course will be about 20-30 days later (date/time not
> yet set) and will cost more, but will teach basic First Aid and
> professional CPR for those that need it. The main difference
> between community CPR and professional CPR lies in the additional
> instruction in two-person CPR and the use of Oxygen and masks.
> Contact me at chirurgeon at ansteorra.org if you want this option.
> In service,
> Caelin on Andrede
> Kingdom Chirurgeon, Ansteorra
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