[Loch-Ruadh] Camp feast for Guardian of the Tor as of 6/19/02

blakrose blakrose at swbell.net
Wed Jun 19 12:33:19 PDT 2002

There can be two schools of thought on this subject:

    1. Going to Court hungry can affect the length thusly;    the sound
of MANY growling stomachs can cause the court to be cut short in mercy
by the crown/barony.......

    2. Going to Court with a well filled stomach can cause you to drift
off during needful light-leak checks of your eyelids, causing you to
colapse from your chair in an interesting display of slack

.............; )

Donna Wallis wrote:

> Well Court is "scheduled" for  5:30 and Feast is scheduled for 7:30.
> Shouldn't be a long Court, but the question is:
> "Do you want to go to Court hungry or with a full belly?"
> Vote now!! Majority rules!!
> Dana
> Lughnasadh is coming, let's get ready!!!
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> What time are we looking at for Camp feast, by the way?
> Madelina
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