[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History June 25

Steve Rourke srourke at prodigy.net
Mon Jun 24 23:45:06 PDT 2002


0930: Death of Fr. Hucbald
1212 Simon de Montfort a leader of the crusades, dies at 67
1291: Death of Queen Eleanor, widow of Henry III, King of England
1594: Margrett Fray and Agatha Birenseng burned as witches

Other Events:
253 St Lucius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1080: Election of Pope Clement III (Antipope)
1178: The monks of Canterbury, England, report seeing an explosion on the
1183: Peace of Constance
1471: The Duomo in Florence is completed
1474 :Toscanelli sends his Map Of The World to Fernan Martins de Roriz, and
also to Columbus, showing the world was round
1483: Richard III claims the Crown of England
1503: Betrothal of Catherine of Aragon to Henry VIII of England
1513: Confession of Augsburg, the distinct break between Catholicisim and
1560 :Gustav Vasa, King of Sweden, abdicates in favour of his son, Eric XIV
1580 :The "Formula Of Concord" published
1591: Euphame MacCalyean burned alive in Scotland for witchcraft

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