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I managed to catch this one also.
EXCELLENT documentary for those of that persuasion.

As I also recall, there was a comment at the last Populace meeting about the
validity of a combination Viking & Irish culture camp at Defender.  This
documentary makes that comment sort of "Moot".

They showed a "reenactment" of one of the early battles, with no more than
20 to 30 of what looked like the local "historical" group.  What really got
my attention was the use of live steel, and no protection other than the
costuming (and shields).

Wilhelm von Oldenburg

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I accidentally caught this, as I didn't know it was going to be on.  It made
folding laundry much more enjoyable.  Wish I'd seen the rest of the series.


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Sorry for the short notice, but tonight on channel 13 at 9pm will be another
episode of In Search of Ancient Ireland. This episode will be on the
centuries of war leading up to the Norman invasion, a time defined by
Vikings, Irish kings. the reign and murder of high king Brian Boru and the
corruption of the Celtic church.
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