[Loch-Ruadh] Normans vs Irish (was: VCR Alert)

blakrose blakrose at swbell.net
Fri Jun 28 11:26:56 PDT 2002

to quote an Irish writer i once heard speak on the subject of english domination of ireland---

"Well, the English came over and made themselves free with our properties, and , we, being the good hosts that we are, have been unable to convince them its time to leave."

this was somewhere in the '70s tho

Padraig O'Maolagain wrote:

> No, but those who stayed became Irish, so much so that an exasperated Elizabeth I exclaimed of the English nobility that settled in Ireland:  "They have become more Irish than the Irish!"  This has always been Ireland's strength:  no one goes to Ireland and changes it; Ireland changes them.
> And the Irish Republic today is one of the crowning economic success stories of Europe.
> Britain's economy, on the other hand, is in the toilet.
> It may have taken us 700 years, but we won.  :)
> Padraig
> Madelina wrote:
> >Heh, heh, being of the NORMAN persuasion, I kind of liked this episode as
> >well.  But I still have to invent an alternate Irish persona, 'cause we
> >didn't get to Ireland until later.  At least we got there!  And didn't
> >leave!
> >
> >Madelina
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