[Loch-Ruadh] Guardian Feast Tables

Sluggy slugmusk at linuxlegend.com
Fri Jun 28 15:23:43 PDT 2002

Dan Foster wrote:

> There were three tables at the WarLords event for the Cave Sale. Did you
> bring back all three? Please check again.

There were indeed three tables; I'm bringing all three.

It's 5:20 as I write this. I need to pick up some stuff at Gabrielle's,
shop for a few items then hitten ze road. At this point, it will
probably be 8:30ish before I arrive on site, maybe later. :/



Nice weather? You think we're having... nice weather? I guess you
didn't lose the only one that meant anything in your life. I guess
you don't feel burned out by the human misery and despair perpetrated
by the criminal vermin that infest every pore of this decaying city,
forcing you to guzzle cheap wine and cheaper whiskey to dull the pain
that shatters your heart, rips at your soul, and keeps your days
forever gray.... What flavor Icee you got today?

                                   Jack Colt


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