[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History June 30

Steve Rourke srourke at prodigy.net
Sun Jun 30 02:42:21 PDT 2002

1470 Charles VIII king of France (1483-98), invaded Italy

1139: Death of St. Otto of Bamberg
1552: Death of Christopher Marlowe, playwright
1597: William Barents, Dutch navigator, dies at about 50

Other Events:
296 St Marcellinus begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1294 Jews are expelled from Berne Switzerland
1394: A French Royal Audience hears arguments for a General Council of the
Church 1520: CortÇs forced to evacuate TenochtitlÝn by Aztec revolt
1559: Henry II, King of France, mortally wounded on the last day of the
three day Tournament. This served to help end jousting.
1595 :"Red" Hugh O'Neill proclaimed a traitor by the English

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