[Loch-Ruadh] I'm Home

Julie Self julie_self at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 30 21:05:40 PDT 2002

Hi There!

I made it home!  I'm wet, soggy and have chills, but I got here in one
piece, at about 5PM!
MANY, MANY thanks to Padraig and Sluggy for staying to help get me get on
the road.  They loaded and folded and all sorts of great stuff.  Sluggy was
even able to get my driver's-side window up, so that I didn't have to drive
with rain in my face.
Thank you, too, Justin for checking on me, all weekend, to see if I needed
anything.  That was very kind and considerate.
I had a MARVELOUS time this weekend and all of you helped make that
possible.  It still amazes me how so many diverse people can camp together
with what I call a minimum of irritation.  When I counted, we had 17 tents!
Those of you who didn't make it out there were missed.

See you all at populace on Wed.

LOCH RUADH ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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