[Loch-Ruadh] OT: Email gone screwy

Cait O'Hara lady_cait at lycos.com
Sun Mar 3 05:17:39 PST 2002

I am using Lycos Mail right now.  Lycos said that they would be doing some maintenance from Friday night to Saturday morning.  Now, odd things keep happening.  First, I could not pull up any emails (an error page came up, can't remember what it said).  Then everything worked fine.  I hit the aroow for "View next email" and I get sent to my inbox.  Actually, it wasn't even my inbox.  It was the inbox for ninol at lycos.com.  And it was all in some Scandanavian language.  Very odd.  I had to log out an re log in.  Now it seems to be working again.  I thought I was in the Twilight Zone there for a minute.  Odd.  Does anyone else out there have Lycos?  If so, having any probs?


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