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Estella Flather wrote:

> Greetings from Mistress Stella
> Unto all those answering the call to defend Ansteorra in the lands of
> Meridies-
> Here are some important reminders about events at the War!
>     Part of the A&S war point is a populace vote melee. Everyone coming to
> the war should bring an A&S entry, preferably something flashy with at least
> minimal documentation, and enter it on Saturday morning. The winning Kingdom
> will be chosen by populace vote by counting beads in a cup. This means it is
> very important for everyone not only to enter something impressive, but for
> everyone to come and vote! The entries will be anonomous. A&S Champions
> remember to bring your entries and get them entered at the proper time!
>     Target Archers and Live Steel devotees, remember that these are areas
> where the competitions are worth war points!
>     Combat participants- there are many new rules for this war, MAKE SURE
>     Some things to be aware of-
>     No butt spikes on swords (OK on two handed weapons).
>     16 and 17 year olds with proper authorizations and waivers may
> participate on the field as long as their legal guardian is present while
> they are fighting and all other criteria in the event rules book have been
> met.
>     You may only kill fighters on a ramp with missle fire, no attacking
> people until they are outside a three foot drop zone. Defenders must be
> outside the drop zone, attackers must leave the drop zone before anyone else
> exits the ramp. Anyone exiting a ramp before the previous person leaves the
> drop zone will be declared dead. Those on the ramp will only be able to
> attack using missle fire. Four spotters must be in place beside each ramp
> for safety.
>     Death from behind will be used experimentally in specified battles.
>     All combat archery equipment must be inspected by the inspection point
> at Hastings field.Remember to bring a picture ID in case they want it, as
> well as your site token and authorization card.
> These are a lot of changes, so be sure to go over your rules booklet
> closely. Things are not going to be the same as they have been at other Gulf
> Wars!
>     In service, HE Stella
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