[Loch-Ruadh] Fw: Women Who Ruled

Dohmnall O'Ruairc MoASLochRuadh at prodigy.net
Tue Mar 5 13:59:27 PST 2002

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> > 7.  Women Who Ruled: Queens, Goddesses, Amazons 1500-1650
> > http://www.umich.edu/~umma/women/
> >
> > This University of Michigan Museum of Art women's history exhibition is
> > likely to satisfy some, but not others, depending on how you like your
> > virtual museum experience. For visitors who are interested in the
> > arrangement of artifacts, the Virtual Tour allows panning through all
> > galleries of the show. Unfortunately though, no close-ups were available
> > the time of this review. For visitors who prefer static digital images
> > accompanying text, the Real Stories section provides ten examples of
> > pictures with stories or biographies, such as Fede Galizia's 1596
> > of biblical heroine _Judith with the Head of Holofernes_, a portrait of
> > Catherine de' Medici on a medal, or Elizabeth I. The Gallery Guide, a
> > digital equivalent of the brochure you carry though the museum, provides
> > eight additional images. Other sections of the Web site offer
information on
> > purchasing the Catalogue, which contains reproductions of over 100 items
> > the show; events on the University of Michigan campus during the theme
> > semester that are related to Women Who Ruled; and resources for
> > [DS]

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