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Greetings Campers,

Please read the following from Axemoor. Remember we will prepare feast
Wednesday night. Every on that has a Fian Ruadh tabard or baldric please
wear them. If you do not have a tabord or baldric dress well. After
feast; there will be a Bardic.

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Yes, Thursday dinner will be provided by the
Seadogges, and the St. Erasmus Guild (same folks
wearing different hats), and will feature jsmbalaya,
and turkey (AGAIN? Yes, but this one is NOT fried),
and drinks.

Additional food contributions will be welcome but are
not required.

It will be in the A&S tent No. 1, NOT at the Axemoor

AND, it will start LATER than the 6:00 start time
shown in the GW's printed schedule, since Jannet is
bringing the food stuff in that night (work will keep
her in town until Thursday night).

We'll probably start setting up around 6:00 but won't
actually be eating until 7:00.

Oh! If anyone has any period nautical CD's, please
bring them.


--- Christine Pacheco <asturias44 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> To all those who will be enjoying the hospitality in
> the Axemoor encampment,
> greetings:
> THL Eleri will have a copy of the encampment map
> showing where each of you
> has been assigned your tenting area.  We would all
> like to have enough land
> to have a picket fence around your lawn and maybe a
> couple of shade trees in
> order to hang a hammock.
> Dream on!  We need to snuggle up to your neighbor’s
> tent, to provide the
> most efficient use of space.  Take into
> consideration the needs of your
> neighbor and your neighbor will do the same to you.
> Instead of setting up
> you little porch area by your tent, consider setting
> it up under the
> baronial pavilion.  Make it a gathering area for all
> to enjoy.
> We have a magnificent bardic circle area in the
> front area that has already
> been seen and coveted by His Majesty.  Defend it
> with all your might!  We
> should be able to reap the joys of song and poems
> around the fire with ample
> seating for everyone.
> Monday night   You’re on your own for eating.
> Tuesday night a spaghetti entree has been offered
> for all in the group.
> However you will need to bring the side dishes,
> dessert and any drink you
> enjoy.  All the meals in the encampment are the
> responsibility of each
> person.  It is potluck, so bring a little extra and
> everyone will enjoy the
> experience.
> Wednesday night  House Mc an Ghabhan (our friends
> from Fort Worth area) will
> be providing a full fried turkey dinner with sides,
> dessert and tea.
> Thursday night William MacArthur’s group from the
> St. Erasmus Nautical Guild
> called Sea-doggies (sp?) will be hosting a dinner
> for Axemoor and friends at
> the A& S tent.  I believe Jambalaya will be the main
> course.  Check with
> William & Jannet if any help of food is needed.
> Friday and Saturday nights will again be potluck
> dinners.  Bring something
> and a little extra to share.
> Remember evening treats around the fire.
> If you need to warm up some food, we have a fully
> equipped kitchen for your
> use.  Although we have large pots and cast iron pots
> if you want to go on
> the wild side of cooking, we do not have small pots
> and pans nor mixing
> bowls & containers.  We do have platters and serving
> knives, forks and
> spoons.  We do not have a large supply of paper
> products either, so you are
> asked to bring some or minimum feast gear.
> Remember if you cook it, eat it or use it, you are
> responsible to clean it
> up entirely!  There will be numerous coolers on site
> stocked with ice for
> your needs.
> THL Cristina de Asturias
> Gulf Wars Encampment Fees Coordinator, who still
> needs to collect from some.
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> http://messenger.msn.com

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