[Loch-Ruadh] need Fian Ruadh emblem pattern

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Fri Mar 8 10:21:11 PST 2002

Will try to send them to you via Paint.  These files take an extremely
long time to send from my computer.


Lughnasadh is coming, let's get ready!!!

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Does anyone have the Fian Ruadh emblem pattern saved to a file or
to fax to me?  I need this before 5 p.m. so that I may take it home and
finish Logan's tabard.

My fax number is 817-415-6026.  I can print out anything from Word,
Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Photo Editor, Microsoft Imaging (tif files,
etc.), Paperport, or ??

If not, I can drive over to Dana's this evening, but I still have lots
sewing and packing to do, so I'd like to avoid I-20 at 5:15 p.m. if

My most humble thanks if you can help,

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