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Airborne (Hey - perhaps that should be AirBjorn?) means the person will the
thrown over the wall of the fort. Wiley has volunteered for this, but to the
the SECOND one over the wall in this manner.
So far, nobody has volunteered to be first. I guess everybody wants to live
through the battle!

By the way, this was tried by a member of the Varangian Guard. They never
heard from him again. It is in one of the Sagas.


Jane Sitton wrote:

> Cool, Sluggy!  Is this for real, though?  I'm sure Logan (who really was a
> paratrooper, and is just crazy enough to be an Ansteorran airborne) would
> like a mug or shirt.  Can I pay for one and have it delivered to him at
> War??
> Madelina
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> > > Does this mean you want to be part of the ammo?????? :)
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> > >  Dohmnall
> > actually I see myself more as trebuchet material ;)  Wiley
> Padraig and I already have your uniform ready...  All ya gotta do is go
> over....
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