[Loch-Ruadh] Scribes and Illuminators meeting for Loch Ruadh

Dohmnall O'Ruairc MoASLochRuadh at prodigy.net
Sat Mar 9 01:58:20 PST 2002

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Monday, March 11, 7pm
Scribes and Illuminators meeting for Loch Ruadh

This months meeting will be again at my home (Old Grandbury & Hulen area)
All are welcome.  Bring paints or extra charters if you have them.  I have a
small supply of charters and paints available if needed.

If you're not going to War, come by and paint, research or just visit.

There is a large 8ft table, but we ask that any who attend bring a chair in
case there is need (we have extras but would like everyone to be
comfortable).  We will have ice tea and coffee - if any one would like to
bring something to share, please fill free.  I have it on good authority
all scribes love CHOCOLATE (the Sable Scroll says so!)

Directions are quite simple:  Make you best way to the Old Grandbury exit on
I-20.  Go south (the side with the shopping center),  three lights (approx.
mile).  You will pass Hulen St. The next street will be Washer (between the
Lotus Restaurant and the Church of the Nazarene), turn left onto Washer,
directly after, right onto Walraven Circle.  Our house is a townhouse next
the high wire easement, 6317 Walraven, the right side of a duplex with the i
vy wreath on the door.  Park on the street or across the street in the
(not the small apartment) parking lot.  (817-263-4716)

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