[Loch-Ruadh] Word of the Day, March 9-10, 2002

Cait O'Hara lady_cait at lycos.com
Sun Mar 10 20:36:18 PST 2002

basket of chips

A metaphor for a pleasant experience, perhaps because a supply of chips give promise of a good fire.
--Richard Thornton’s An American Glossary, 1912

Feast Day of St. Frances of Rome, a wealthy fourteenth-century mother of three, who eventually came to be seen as a patroness of “pious motorists.”  Dorothy Levitt’s The Woman and the Car (1909) offers the fashion-conscious woman tips geared toward maintaining her appearance during mechanical  failures:  “While there are several little repairs that it would be impossible to remedy if wearing gloves, the majority of work on a car can be done just as well if one’s hands are protected by wash-leather gloves.  You will find room for these gloves in the little drawer under the seat of the car…. What you put in it depends upon your tastes, but the following articles are what I advise:  A pair of clean gloves, an extra handkerchief, clean veil, powder-puff, hair-pins and ordinary pins, a hand mirror, and some chocolates are very soothing.”

Never meddle in the affairs of dragons;
For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
-- Acacia

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