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the party is this friday the 15th--- hours from 1800(6 PM) til whenever

lets run it along the lines of a wandering bardic----bring your own
booze---bring one dish to share---single ladies ALWAYS welcome......if
you bring kids then YOU are responsible for them-----drummers
welcome---singers welcome----irish are welcome, vikings are welcome,
even saxon dogs are welcome, anyone is welcome---garb is optional not

i will as usual provide burgers----i have seating for over 20 already in
my yard  but if you have a fav chair its a good idea to bring it along

address is  1246 Abelia Drive   Ft Worth  76108

map link below
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Iwas refering to next friday the 15th of march   from whenever you can get here
to when ever you want to leave


Jane Sitton wrote:

> You mean, as we say in Texas, "Friday week", the 15th?  Or this Friday, the
> 8th?
> Madelina
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> sorry....forgot about mapping it.....
> since GW is all next week  how about next friday? so most people have
> sat to recover
> come all the way to the end of the street for 1246
> 1246 abelia drive
> ft worth  76108
> 817-367-7885
> maplink:
> http://maps.yahoo.com/py/maps.py?BFCat=&Pyt=Tmap&newFL=Use+Address+Below&add
> r=1246+abelia+drive&csz=76108&Country=us&Get%A0Map=Get+Map
> Ldyinnes at aol.com wrote:
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> > And, If I may be so bold, as to ask.
> >
> > Where Is Here??????
> >
> > Innes
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