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>0461 St Patrick patron St of Ireland, dies in Saul (according to legend)
>Other Events:
>0432 St Patrick, a bishop, is carried off to Ireland as a slave

Au contraire, mon frere.

The sixteen year old Patrick was carried off as a slave in a raid about 403 AD, and spent six years as a shepherd for his Irish masters.  He escaped by walking some 200 miles to the coast and convincing a ship's captain to give him passage.  He undertook religious studies, became a priest and eventually a Bishop.  After a dream from God told him to bring Christianity to the land of his former captors, he petitioned Pope Celestine to be allowed to go to Ireland.  Celestine granted his request, and Patrick arrived back in Ireland in 432, beginning the greatest evangelistic conversion in the history of Christianity.  While the traditional date for his death is listed as 461, the Annals of Ulster list his death as occuring in 491, and the Annals of Connacht list it as 493.

Just showing off what I know about my namesake and patron saint.  :)


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