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Good luck reading this one.  Imagine - the one time that Brit. Lit. class actually paid off.:)


freshwater mariner

These kynde of caterpillars… counterfet great losses on the sea…. These wyll runne about the country with a counterfet lycence, fayning either shypwracke or spoyle by pyrates neare the coaste of Cornwall or Devonshyre, and set a lande at some haven towne there, having a large and formall wrytinge… with the names and seales of suche men of worshyppe, at the least foure or five, as dwelleth neare or next to the place where they hayne their landinge.  And neare to those shires wyll they not begge untyll they come into Wylshyre, Hamshyre, Barkeshyre, Oxfordshyre, Middelsex, and so to Longon, and downe by the river to seeke for their shyppe and goods that they never hade; then passe they… into Kent, demaunding almes to bring them home.
-- Thomas Harman’s Warning for Common Cursitors Called Vagabonds, 1567

Feast Eve of St. Cuthbert, who was invoked to ward off nautical misfortune.

Never meddle in the affairs of dragons;
For you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
-- Acacia

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