[Loch-Ruadh] A call for aid

Padraig O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Tue Mar 26 13:29:16 PST 2002

Sorry to hear about the accident (or attempted vehicular manslaughter, which seems more appropriate) but very glad to hear that none of you were seriously injured.

Should I see a brown Ford station wagon with recent damage, I'll get the license plate and phone you immediately.  I'm surprised the cops haven't been able to locate the vehicle with the nearly complete plate number you got.  Hope they find the buggers and throw the book at them.

If the three of you haven't done so yet, please go see a doctor to make sure that nothing more serious than bruises, etc, was done.


Kylan wrote:

>A call for aid,
>	Dear friends I am sorry to bring this news to you late, so of you may have
>heard. The night of Daniels bardic, as Lacey, Hook, and I made our way home
>down I-35, we were struck broadside by a drunk driver. The mid-to-late 80
>tan ford station wagon, struck Lacey’s new car on the drivers side. The
>wagon then fishtailed in front of our car and slammed into the wall going 60
>at the Hemphill exit. Everyone in both cars came through apparently fine. I
>say apparently because as I was calling 911 this drunk drove off at a high
>rate away from the site of the accident. The only words spoken from her was
>“We’re fine baby
” This woman never got out of her car and didn’t care that
>she could have killed us all. I report was taken nearly forty minutes later.
>By this time she had gotten away. Today as I type this I am at home and in
>pain from the collision. Following is a description of the car, driver and
>damage possibly caused to the wagon.
>Wagon: Mid-to-late 80 possibly a Ford LTD, tan in color with wood grain
>panels. Damage was done to the passenger side front quarter of the wagon
>from the broadside and front-end damage from the wall. License Number (G3_
>ZMT) we didn’t catch the third character on the plates.
>Driver: Mid-to-late forties, female, about 135-145 lbs, smoker, mid-length
>bleach blonde hair. The passenger may also drive the car, which was about
>the same age, black male.
>This is not a call for street justice just a call for aid, to find this
>In service of the law,
>Kylan Ulfgierrson
>P.S. If you wish to call about this matter my home phone number is
>8175698691 thank you

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