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I want to volunteer for Troll, but I have no idea what time.  Put me where
you need me most, but leave me enough time to set up my campsite first. 
(Not first shift.)


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> I am looking for volunteers to man the gate for Lughnasad.  If you have
been looking for an opportunity to volunteer for something, but didn't know
what, here is your chance.  There will be an experienced volunteer for each
shift, so if you have never done this before, don't feel like you can't
start now.  Lughnasad is our opportunity to shine and I want to get as many
people as possible in on the action.  We have many newcomers as well as
others that don't usually do gate for whatever reason, so I hope that I
will have no shortage of volunteers for this very important aspect of our
> I would like to have 2 or 3 volunteers for each shift.  The shifts are:
Friday, 4pm-6pm, 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm and 10pm-1am and on Saturday, 6am-8am,
8am-10am, 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm.  The shifts will be assigned on a first
come, first serve basis, so choose the one that you want most as soon as
possible.  I will also be having a short gate procedure class on or before
the August populace meeting.  Even those who have done Troll in the past
will need to attend because of the new procedures and the non-member
surcharge that is now in effect.
> We all want this Lughnasad to be the best one yet, so get out there and
volunteer for something.  If you don't want to help with the gate, help
with something else.  Get involved.  It makes our Dream even more
> Lady Fiona Morganygg
> Lughnasad Gate Coordinator
> P. S.  When you notify me of the shift you want, I will email you a
confirmation and fill in your name on the schedule. If something happens
and you cannot fulfill your obligation, please let me know ASAP so I can
find a replacement.
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