[Loch-Ruadh] Armand & Ameline's Letter of Intent for the Barony of Elfsea

Armand Dragonetti dragonetti at generich.com
Sat Jul 5 14:49:47 PDT 2003

Unto Their Stellar Majesties, King Miguel de Oporto and Queen Conal
Alexandria O'Riordain and unto Their Stellar Highnesses, Prince Ulsted the
Unsteady and Princess Cateau D' Ardennes, and to Mistress Clarissa di
Firenze, Seneschal of Ansteorra, and the good people of Elfsea, Loch Ruadh,
Dragonsfire Tor and the College of Threebridges, do we, the Honorable Lady
Ameline du Bois and Lord Armand Dragonetti, send warm greetings!

After careful consideration, it is with utmost humility that we ask you to
consider us for the position of Baron & Baroness of Elfsea.

In the past we have not expressed a desire to take on the responsibilities
of Baron & Baroness. We did not believe we, or our family, were ready to do
justice to the job, the barony, it's people or Their Majesties. We felt we
could fulfill the duties for a short term and therefore agreed to serve as
Vicar & Vicaress. In that time, we have come to understand more precisely
what is required and have seen great support from many friends and family.
At Their Majesties' wise request, we have stayed open to the idea of serving
the barony in this regard and now feel confident in our ability to do so.

There are many qualified candidates. We know that the support of a talented
populace is the key to a bright future. The qualifications of any candidate
is of little importance without widespread support. If you know us, you know
our hearts. If you do not know us, we will strive to correct that. Please
speak with us at your convenience at fighter practice, populace or business
meetings, online at ameline at generich.com, dragonetti at generich.com, or by
phone at 817-447-3636. We will support the barony, cantons, college and the
kingdom, regardless of whom the crown selects. We come with no agenda, save
that of listening to the desires of the populace and the crown.

Though support is the key to success, it is not the only criteria.
Therefore, we present a bit of our background for your consideration:

HL Ameline du Bois has served Elfsea in the role of Minister of Children for
more than three years and currently serves as Central Regional Minister of
Children. She helped with the Coronation of Duncan & Larissa, formally
taught at King's College and at Elfsea's Baronial College. She has been
recognized with an Iris of Merit for diversity in the arts & sciences and
was awarded a Sable Crane for extensive service to the kingdom. A Compass
Rose of Ansteorra, she also holds a Sable Thistle for glass bead making and
a Portcullis of Elfsea. She is a Companion to the Order of the Azure
Keystones and is a Protege to Master Richard Fairbourne. Mundanely, she is
known as Amy Rich and has served as bookkeeper for Gene Rich & Company for
the past 3 years. She also has a clean driving record. :-)

Lord Armand Dragonetti has served Elfsea as Historian, Virtual Scribe and as
a member of the Arthurian Company. A recipient of the Shakey Knees of
Bordermarch, he served as Chivalric Keeper of the Flame of Glaslyn two
consecutive years. He is Holder of the Sable Crane and Portcullis of Elfsea
and is a Companion to the Order of the Azure Keystones of Elfsea. Received
the Queen's Ring for courtly virtues and currently serves as Ansteorra's
representative on the Grand Council, an advisory committee to the Society's
Board of Directors. He continues to maintain a photo journal for the
enjoyment of the Knowne World. He was formerly a squire to Sir Galen of
Bristol, but requested release upon Sir Galen's departure from Ansteorra. He
is now a squire of Sir Romanius Scipio Vesperanius. Mundanely, he is Alan
Rich, president and chairman of Gene Rich & Co, a 50 year old plumbing
distribution company. He is currently active in martial arts (brown belt)
with his children and is an instructor in the Outbound Karate school in Ft.
Worth. Attended New Mexico Military Institute in high school, but is a much
nicer person now. His driving record is not as good as Amy's.

We both received our Award of Arms under the reign of Gunthar & Sara and
have come to know many, many people through our extensive travel and
correspondence connected to Armand's photo journal.

We feel our practical experience of running a mundane business and our
people skills (at least Ameline's) will serve the barony well and qualify us
as a good choice for the barony and the kingdom. However, it is imperative
that all know that we have small children and business obligations that will
be our first priorities. Thank you for your time and consideration.

It is in the service of kingdom, crown and Elfsea, that we remain,
Honorable Lady Ameline du Bois
Lord Armand Dragonetti

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