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As usual, Excellency, you have it under control...Loch Ruadh rocks in great 
part because YOU rock!

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>I think everyone needs a little more information........
>Loch Ruadh has no plans to become a Shire tomorrow!!  This does not make
>us a "new group" just a change in status. This is not something out of
>the blue. It has been talked about with the Seneschal's and B&B's of the
>Barony for at least the past 5 years.
>The members of the Canton would like to have their status elevated to
>Shire at Lughnasad 2004. We will have been a learning and growing Canton
>for many years. The 2004 date was selected because it would be close to
>the 10th anniversary for our group becoming a full status Canton
>(remember we were an Incipient Canton for 2 years). Elfsea was elevated
>to Baronial status in the 10th year of them becoming a Shire.
>If anyone is interested in discussing the proposed change of status that
>the members of Loch Ruadh are going to request please contact me. I am
>more than willing to impart my knowledge on the subject  :)
>I will be attending Elfsea's business meeting and Moot.
>Soon to be Seneschal of the Canton of Loch Ruadh
>Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!
>P.S. It would be helpful to cc the Loch Ruadh and Dragonsfire Tor's
>mailing lists with these discussions because not everyone receives the
>Elfsea list.
>Louis le Blaireau wrote:
>Might I suggest that the new B&B negotiate with Loch Ruadh short
>transitional time. Whilst I recognize that the canton has been doing
>shire-level work for years and much deserves their desires, Elfsea needs
>Loch Ruadh now. If the barony were given a chance to increase it's
>membership in it's core zip codes, then a split would be less painful
>for Elfsea. This I pray to the generous souls of Loch Ruadh.
>Louis le Blaireau
>Richard Threlkeld wrote:
> > Your Grace, you may have misread my intent. Though I personally do not
> > see that they benefit from severing their current relationship with
> > Elfsea, I would not stand in their way if we can agree on a mutually
> > beneficial way to do it. They are a strong group with all the key
> > factors we look for in a new group. In fact, Elfsea can learn from
> > And we would still have a relationship with the new group and with its
> > people, it would just be a different relationship. Perhaps, like our
> > Elfsteppers, we would have Rochsteppers or RuadhElfers?
> >
> > And whether or not Pyro and I am made B&B, I will gladly join you in
> > trying to vitalize our College of Three Bridges.
> >
> > In service,
> > Caelin on Andrede
> >
> >
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> >>This is a non-hat race comment from Willow de Wisp
> >>
> >>> >1. What do you intend to do about the Canton of Loch Ruadh
> >>>and
> >>>their move to become a Shire? This will significantly impact the
> >>>Barony over
> >>>the next two years.
> >>> I don't believe they would benefit by becoming a Shire, but
> >>
> >>I would ague about this. IF Loch Ruadh wants to be a shire
> >>then they should be allowed to do so. I have made the mistake
> >>of keeping people when they wanted to do their own thing.
> >>Everytime it turned out bad, very bad. Loch Ruadh has
> >>developed it own self image and needs to grow a while as a
> >>independent unit. I know this would be hard on Elfsea because
> >>Loch Ruadh have done a lot in the Barony. Also if they are
> >>working on being a Barony themselves they may pull people to
> >>them. This could be a challenge to Elfsea, but I think we can
> >>handle it. There are enough people out there to fill two Baronies.
> >>
> >>> >2. What do you intend to do about supporting the College of
> >>>ThreeBridges? They may go dormant this year due to lack of
> >>
> >>membership.
> >>
> >>>How do you intend to help keep their SCA-UTA group going?
> >>> There are several of us who are either current students
> >>>
> >>
> >>I will be a graduate student at UTA this fall. I would be
> >>willing to help
> >>the Canton. I can not be an officer untill I get my money in
> >>the fall but
> >>then I would be willing to do one of the jobs. As a old time
> >>recruter and
> >>organizer I belive UTA hasn't really been tapped. I am sure
> >>with a little
> >>effort we can get some people. We will need the Barony support.
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