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I just need a ride...hint..hint!!!

Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

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     Greeting s All

  I am in need of some assistant Pavilion Scrubbers.  Therefore I am calling for a Scrubbing Party  at Lord Polydore Pike's at 12ish on Saturday the next ( 7-12-03 I think).  Where we Will scrub the Canton's Pavilion until it glistens pristinely white ( or a reasonable fascilmile thereto) , and then set the sucker up to dry.

  Appropriate Attire: 
      shower shoes, (flip flops)  bathing suits (cause it's gonna get a little wet) or short pants and tee shirts and scrub brushes (long handles unless you like crawling around on your knees). 
  Those who wish to wear woad and bunny fur may do so as long as the woad is water proof.

  We will be using Lord Dunstan's power washer and oxyclean to clean up the pavilion and the new Pavilion poles (now doesn't that sound like a Ruadh Noise?)

  If you will be attending the scrubing party please let me know.  




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