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Rosalia and I have slightly differing opinions concerning these questions so
we decided to send both. First will be Rosalia's answer and then Darius'

Rosalia's answer:

The problem of being able to recognize and see all areas of effort in the
A&S community along with our people who do services has always been a
difficult area.  This takes everyone who plays this games participation.

Over the years, I have seen the change in the A&S community to be more
focused on the high profile competitions.  This is a very stressful venue
for a lot of the artisans in our Kingdom.  Many people prefer to compete on
the mid level arena because of their comfort level.  But because of these
high profile competitions, the focus on feedback from the Royals, Nobles,
and Peer has been concentrated to these competitions.  How many people are
comfortable walking up to an artisan and talking to them about their art and
asking questions.  Feedback can happen from all areas and all people.  We
all need to take the time to pay attention to those people who make a
difference in our events (such as people who have a beautiful period
encampment, people who have nice garb, people who have nice banners, etc).
Think outside the competitions, where do we really see the practical use of
each of the arts that everyone does?

I believe that the same holds true in our Service areas.  Without each and
every person we would not have events to go to.  Everyone plays their part
in helping these magical weekends happen.  Part of service is the ability to
delegate, follow-up and follow through.  This is a hard area to see at all
times.  These are our behind the scenes type of people who are not out front
doing the autocratting or feast that gets so widely recognized at every
event.  Who sees the young man that goes to each port-a-potty and makes sure
that there is toilet paper and lighting?  Who sees the person who has
organized all the heralds and marshals for a list?  Feedback to each of
these people is just as important to those who compete in the A&S

I see the Kingdom and the local groups hosting A&S nights, Colleges on
how-to-do "X", and awards being given at events.  These are one of many ways
to help give encouragement and mentoring, but it is not enough.  It takes
the populace as a whole to make this system work.  When you see someone
doing something to make your event better - thank them personally.  If you
see them do it repeatedly tell a peer, a noble, and the Crown.  A personal
thank you has a lot more power than one person thinks it does.  That "Thank
You" can make the difference between a good event and a bad event.  Maybe
you have been in the position of "x" and you have some suggestions that
might be useful - offer them to that person.  This holds true both in
service areas as well as A&S and fighting.

As a leader of this Barony  I will continue to foster encouragement and
communication between people.  For these are the tools that can make the


Darius' Answer

These complaints are ones that I have heard as well.  It would be difficult
nailing down the "who's" or "what's" as most of the time these have been
mentioned to me in very casual conversations.  The problem, as I see it, is
not of a lack of opportunity.  It is one of perception and appearances.

When Artisans go to compete in Steppes Artisan or Elfsea Artisan they can
generally expect to have several Laurels in attendance.  This is not always
the case at smaller events and guild meetings.  Even at the larger
competitions / showings, Laurels are generally flying through trying to see
as much as they can individually while the judging is going on and not
necessarily taking the time to stop at every display.  Looking at the
perspective of someone outside, I myself would say, this is a stuffy
attitude focusing only on higher levels of work.

This appearance / perception is also happening at our events and meetings.
We see the nobles and peers standing up in court thanking the Autocrats, and
officers, and praising the winners of the competitions.  During the day the
B&B are flittering from point to point trying to give every one as much
attention as they can and many of our peers are off pursuing other interest.
Again there is the perception leaning towards stuffy and only interested in
the big things.

I do not see a simple one time fix everything solution to these problems.
These are problems that the peers and nobles and even the higher visibility
people in the Kingdom who are not yet peers or nobles, must address as
individuals interfacing with the populace. Whether it is giving a little
more attention to an artist showing us a piece they have done in the middle
of the list, or reminding them that there are other display and competition
venues besides these big mucking beast like KA&S or the big body of work
displays. Each of us can say thank you to the Marshal standing all day on
the field or show appreciation to the people working the gate. It is these
little ways of giving personal recognition that we have forgotten.

Peers and Nobles are human and we have other interest outside the scope of
our station, however the general populace sees the medallion or the hat
first and gets to know the person some where down the line. Peers and nobles
will usually be seen first for their station, second for their actions and
only then will most people start to see the person playing at their hobby
underneath it all.

We remain as Servants to Elfsea nd Asnteorra
Darius of the Bells, Ol
Rosalia di Bellavita, OP

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