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> Galen of Bristol here.  You may remember me.  (Or not.)
> I just want to compliment the barony for the tenor of the 
> discussion as it's showing up on the list.  I've seen some good 
> questions, and some good answers.  Several of the candidates have 
> shown themselves very favorably in response to some very 
> interesting issues that have been brought up.
> Unable to improve on Xene's advice, I'll simply endorse it, remark 
> that I often asked myself as baron "What would Llywelyn & Xene do", 
> and share the following:
> Whoever you are, Your Next-One-ness, you're not ready to be baron 
> or baroness.  No matter what awards, experience, mature wisdom or 
> youthful energy you have to bring to the job, no matter the quality 
> or quantity of good counsel, you're just not ready to step in and 
> _do_ the job as it needs to be done.
> I know this because after over 20 years in the SCA, having been a 
> Prince and having been noble for a decade and a half, with two 
> peerages, a well-regarded and highly intelligent lady of much grace 
> at my side, a large household, many friends, much consideration, 
> prayer and planning, I came into the position of Baron of Elfsea, 
> the pinnacle of my long SCA career, and was surprised at the 
> workload.  Over and over again.  I was surprised at how taxing it 
> was to preside over a tournament.  I was surprised at how awkward 
> it is to find someone to reliably do the -- very necessary!! -- 
> personal service a Baron needs.  I was surprised to find that 
> things I said with the best of intentions could sometimes really 
> upset people I cared a great deal about.  I was surprised at all 
> the things I needed to think of and be ready for in advance.  I was 
> surprised a lot.  I was just getting to where I felt had begun to 
> get the hang of the job when I suddenly had to step down, to my 
> great regret.
> I'm sure every candidate is committed to doing their very best to 
> learning to do the job well.  That commitment is all that can 
> reasonably be asked.  But there is no one who will not have a 
> learning curve, and two years isn't a long time.
> What I'm not sure of is that the barony recognizes that they will 
> have to give their support to a Baron/ess couple who's still 
> learning the job over a year after their Investiture.  The people 
> of the barony will have to go through that learning process with 
> their new B&B.
> If not, 18 months from now, you'll be back here at this same spot 
> in the road again.
> Beyond that, I encourage you to find the hardest worker for the 
> Barony, and promote them.
> Good luck, you're all in my prayers.
> - Galen of Bristol
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