[Loch-Ruadh] It's not what your Baron/ess can do for you....

Tim Cantley yukon505 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 17:12:02 PDT 2003


I've tried to follow all that is happening with the future of Elfsea, our 
Barony.  I'm aware of who is desiring to become the new Baron/Baroness of 
Elfsea and have known most if not all of them for quite a few years.  I may 
not be aware of all the "past issues" in the Barony but I know it's a good 
Barony and have a lot of good people in it, including those of her cantons 
and college.  I found a home in Loch Ruadh 8 years ago this coming Elfsea 
Defender and have had a great time "playing the game" as I've heard it 
referred to and have made many good friends because of it.
I've seen the questions posed to the candidates for Baron/Baroness of Elfsea 
and although many of them are good questions and I've seen some very good 
responses, as members of the populace, I hope we are not missing a very 
important point.  The new Baron and Baroness will need our help and support 
greatly.  Two people cannot run a Barony, for that matter a Kingdom.  
Without the support of the populace, these people WILL fail, regardless of 
whether they are coming out of a Court Barony or if this was a standard 
This will become even more evident as we as Loch Ruadh make our plans to 
grow in our endeavors.  The officers can't do it all themselves.  We need to 
offer up what time or resources we feel we can give to support our Barony or 
canton.  This can be in the form of serving as an officer, hosting a 
workshop, giving of our time at an event, giving words of encouragement or 
whatever you feel you can offer.  I for one, appeared to be much more active 
a few years back but due to a change in residence and job, I've found my 
mundane life demands much more of me than it used to.  Therefore, I've had 
to reassess what I have left to give.  Yes, it's been almost two years since 
I've made an Elfsea Moot, but when I find myself in town and have the right 
weeknight available, I find that one or two 130-140 mile round trips to Loch 
Ruadh Populace meeting or Officer's meeting is about all I can handle.  So 
what else can I do?  Well I figure hosting a workshop is kinda out of the 
question because I imagine you folks aren't prepared for that same 
roundtrip.  Being a previous Archery Marshal of the canton, I felt it was 
time for me to throw in my support again in that arena and that is why I 
asked to become Tegwyrd's deputy.  Is there more I can do?  Obviously!!!  
Having a very fluid and hectic mundane work schedule makes it difficult for 
me to commit to much more than this on a regular basis so what I've seen is 
necessary for me to do is evaluate what needs to be done to support our 
canton and Barony and as the occasion arises offer my help as it is 
I know we are all looking for great things to happen within Elfsea and there 
are some very good people out there wanting to take the leadership of the 
Barony and take it there but they can't do it without our help.  If anyone 
cares to forward this on to any of the other lists, please feel free as I am 
only subscribed to Loch Ruadh's list.  After getting back from a week out of 
town, going through 50-75 emails from Loch Ruadh is about all I can handle 
right now.
So let me close , at the expense of not wanting to sound too corny, by 
paraphrasing a speech of JFK's, ask not what your Barony can do for you but 
what you can do for your Barony.

Laird Sean of Argyll

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