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After sitting back and observing listening and reading the questions and answers posted on the list I decided to post several of my own. The following questions need to be thought about but not necessarily answered in a public forum so feel free to answer privately if you wish.



1. Have the Candidates read Copora and Kingdom law


2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Copora and Kingdom law

reguarding the responsibilities of Landeds?


3. What are your short and long term goals in the SCA?


4. How will being B&B affect your goals?


5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B?


6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about you

putting in for the hats? (this affects them to)


7. How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and Baroness

of Elfsea?


8. Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness?






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