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After sitting back and observing listening and reading the questions and
answers posted on the list I decided to post several of my own. The
following questions need to be thought about but not necessarily
answered in a public forum so feel free to answer privately if you wish.
1. Have the Candidates read Copora and Kingdom law 
Yes. I have been a Seneschal twice and am currently a Regional Exchequer
and Kingdom Chirurgeon and Marshal so I read them often. Along with
various officer handbooks. My lady, Pyro, is mostly content to leave
that to me.
2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Copora and Kingdom law
reguarding the responsibilities of Landeds? 
Yes. We both have done so. There is very little of the job actually
described in the various law sources. Most of what is expected of landed
B&Bs is by tradition or the expectations of the Crown. That does not
make the requirements any less real, only less well documented.
3. What are your short and long term goals in the SCA? 
I do what is fun though it may look like work to others. Sometimes that
is stretching myself by learning new skills. Sometimes that is leading
people to stretch themselves and watching the looks on their faces as
they realize they did it. I was a Boy Scout leader because of this.
Though the people of Elfsea are not children, leading them to realize
what they individually and as a group can be would be realization of a
similar goal. 
Mundanely, I am a computer consultant and a CPA. It took me some time to
realize I get gratification primarily from problem solving. Big
problems. Little problems. And as a consultant, I learned that nearly
all technical problems are really people problems. So long term I want
to work with people: to provide leadership, organization, and use
whatever skills I have to let us all have fun.
Pyro has been service oriented from her first day in the Society. Ask
her about how she got her nickname. She is moving from doing arts and
sciences to researching and doing and exhibiting her work, so I guess
one of her goals is to become a better artisan. (She is asleep as I
write this). She is capable of memorizing large amounts of text and then
presenting it with style - a skill at which I marvel. She is talking
about doing more Bardic. But mostly she has fun by helping other people.
4. How will being B&B affect your goals? 
It gives us a platform to achieve our goals. I realize being B&B will be
hard work for both of us, but we both like that kind of work and the
rewards are great. Even in a group as great as Elfsea has become, there
are endless opportunities to make it stronger, more welcoming, more
caring, and more fun. 
5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B? 
We will try to award responsibility as widely as possible. The phrase
"Many hands makes light work" is very true. But it also spreads out the
training, capabilities, and the joy of contributing to our Barony. The
whole Barony gets stronger and the individual earns respect for a job
well done. I would give those who contribute the attention they deserve
while encouraging others to stretch themselves in whatever arena they
find attractive. In all the jobs I have held in the SCA, I have
recruited deputies and actually used them effectively. Delegating in a
Barony is more complicated, but the results can be much greater.
The SCA is a volunteer organization. In the Scouts, I learned you have
to pull people into doing what needs doing instead of pushing them. You
have to convince them it needs doing and that they can and should do it.
In business, you can push someone into doing their job or pull them. It
turns out pulling works better in business also. You take the time to
discover their goals. Then you figure a way for them to achieve part of
their goals by doing what is needed for the organization. It works much
better than pushing or manipulating. And it is problem solving to
benefit people.
6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about
putting in for the hats? (this affects them to) 
Mine are nearly 24 and 20. They think it is great. They also think I am
crazy, but that is independent of the B&B job. <grin> Raising them has
taught me many lessons that are germane to running a Barony: patience,
trust, providing encouragement, being resolute when necessary, sharing
their joy when they do well, understanding when they don't do things my
way (and patting them on the back when they were right).  
7. How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and
of Elfsea? 
To lead the people of Elfsea, including it Cantons and College, where
they want to go. I have ideas of where that might be, but they are not
set in stone. I listed many of them in my letter to the Crown which was
posted to the lists. I feel my lady and I can lead by example, by
encouraging the good in people, and counseling when the bad appears. We
can provide positive goals. We can listen to the goals of others. And we
can organize and delegate so as many people as possible have the joy of
succeeding and helping Elfsea.
8. Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness? 
Because I believe we have the best combination of skills and personality
to build a strong Barony of people who are happy to be Elfsea. The other
candidates are very good and I can support any of them, but if I did not
think we were better, I would be a cheerleader for those I thought could
do better. His Excellency Llywelyn has said many times "That which gets
the attention of the B&B thrives and that which does not struggles." I
believe we have the energy, interests, and capabilities to make the as a
whole Barony thrive.

Caelin on Andrede
Ker Megan of Taransay (Pyro) who, being asleep, let me be her proxy 
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