[Loch-Ruadh] BrokenAxe Fighter Practice

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I'm hoping to be under the big metal pavilion, which if you take a right
at the stop sign, you'll see it on the left. I'll be there around 6.


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Greetings, and Salutations!
    Terric, Bear, and I have talked about the BrokenAxe Fighter Practice
that happens at Zboaz (sp???) every Tuesday. Terric thought it a good
idea that since some of us don't live in that direction to have it every
other weekend at Zboaz's and then every other weekend in Saginaw. He
requested that I, ili, give directions to the park. He is obiviously
ablivious to the fact that I give about as good as directions as well...
as a squirrel confused in the middle of the road. However, I shall give
it my best shot!!
Take 820 towards Saginaw, 820 is in all actuallity just a big circle so
it doesn't really matter which way you go.. just stay on 820 and you'll
hit saginaw main street eventually. Take the Saginaw Business North
Exit. You will see little gas stations, restruants, and the fire
department all on the left. (Because there's train tracks on the right
After you pass the fire departement, you will come to a stop light at
McLeroy's. There's a Jack N Box on the left. You will want to turn left
there. You will then past a Diamond's Grocery store, go past it. Just
stay on McLeroy until you come to a Stop Sign. There you will see the
park. It extends both left, and right. I'm not sure which side of the
park we will be fighting at. So choose a direction and hopefully you
will find us.
If these directions confuse you, or they are not as clear as you need
them to be, please call me, and I will try to make them
clearer. 817-232-5647. 

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